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From ground up builds to more simplified interior design projects, we are dedicated to creating exquisitely designed and thoughtfully curated homes. With over 30 years of experience, Debbie Fogel and our team specialize in fusing each client’s personal preferences with a wide range of styles.

Meet the Team

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Debbie Fogel

Founder & Principal Designer

Jessica Fogel Scott

Partner and Designer

Jenna Tamkin

Junior Designer

Tatiana Mendoza

Office Assistant


Style • Luxury • Functional


Approachable • Functional • Beautiful

Our Services

As a full-service interior design firm, we work closely with architects, builders, and our clients in specifying all architectural and building details including:

Architectural Finishes
Design Elements (interior and exterior)
Floorplans and furniture layouts
Hard Surfaces and Stone Design (and takeoffs)
Cabinetry Design (and elevations)
Furnishings, Fabrics and Custom Pieces
Fine Art
Decorative lighting
Accessories, Hardware, and Fittings
Window Treatments
Water Features and Pools

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Our Process

Initial Project Meeting

This is where we meet with you and discuss your wants, needs and goals. This is typically done onsite or at our office.

Select Materials

After our meeting, we go to our studio, draw some initial floor plans and elevations, source materials, shop with our suppliers, and assemble a package that best resembles your future design.

Finalize the Scope of Work

Next, we meet onsite with the architect, builder or any necessary sub-contractors to refine and finalize the future design.


Now the fun begins! We present to you, get your feedback, and bounce ideas around. This is the time for you to see the furniture pieces, feel the fabrics, review the finishes and hard surfaces, and really get a sense of what your home will ultimately look like. This is part of the collaborative process and we may have several presentation meetings along the way.

Obtain Quotes and Submit Invoice for Approval

Our goal is to give you the best sense of the financial reality of your project so we obtain as many quotes as possible initially, place them on a master invoice and submit the invoice to you for review and approval. This gives you a better understanding of the overall project costs up front.

Pop the Champagne

Once approved, we get started right away! Our team immediately initiates the order process, compiles lead times, and starts a master schedule.


Depending on the scale of the project, regular meetings are held onsite to ensure our collaborative vision is perfectly executed and all of your needs are met.

Final Installation

All of your furniture pieces are received, inspected, and stored at our insured local receiving facility where we manage your project’s “inventory”. When the bulk of the pieces are in, we personally oversee our installations. Pop another champagne!

Finishing Touches

We are committed to staying in touch with our valued clients and always being available for the finishing touches and future updates. We value our long term and repeat clients and pride ourselves on being available for the finishing touches. We don’t install and simply move on to the next project. Making sure everything is perfect is our mission.

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Email : info@fogelinteriors.com

Tel 310-798-6962

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